Bucking The Norm

He’s hilarious. He’s flamboyant. He has more than 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube Channel. His name is Bobby Guy, and he’s taking the waterfowl world by storm. On a mission to teach others the ins and outs of waterfowling, Guy is a dedicated do-it-yourselfer and a Federal brand ambassador who’s dedicated to bucking established norms.

Starting Out

“I grew up camping,” Guy says. “It didn’t matter if there was a foot of snow on the ground, we were camping. During our wilderness forays, my cousins and I shot birds with our BB guns. When I turned 9 years old, I got my hunter’s safety and started quail hunting. I had an old single-shot bolt-action .410 and I lugged that thing around for three years.”

But those first hunts didn’t put him on a straight path to his current role. In fact, Guy almost left hunting entirely when he was 13 and discovered skateboarding.

“My best buddy, Wade, eventually got me back into waterfowl hunting,” he says. “I fell back in love with hunting and haven’t stopped since. But looking back, I’m glad I took up skateboarding when I did. It helped develop my artistic side.”

That well-rounded and unconventional experience would provide Guy’s foundation for eventually launching his YouTube channel. “I wanted to be different. I wanted to educate and help others have fun at the same time. I wanted the channel to be a little bit edgy,” he says.

Having a clear vision and the determination to make it happen were critical in the channel’s early days. “Things were starting to happen—to grow—but I was still working third shift at my day-to-day, and my wife and I just had our second child,” he says. “While on third shift, I watched a lot of YouTube. I saw a gap, a need in the waterfowl blogging market.

After a lot of study, he decided to take a leap of faith. “I reached out to my business partner and great friend Andrew Flair, and he really helped me get things off the ground. I owe a lot to Andrew, and we still work closely together every single day.”

Mission accomplished. Today, Guy is dominating the YouTube waterfowling world and his videos are helping grow a new legion of waterfowlers.

‘I Want The World’

When it comes to Guy’s current goals, they’re really quite simple: To teach the world to waterfowl hunt. And that means the vast majority of hunters who don’t have access to prime private ground.

“I can go hunt private all day every day, but I choose to hunt mostly public ground, because that’s what people can relate to,” he says. “For so long I did the regular five-day work week and put in 50-plus hours per week. I was only able to get out on the weekends. I get it, and I want to help everyone, from the mom taking her son to the 50-year-old man pass-shooting geese coming off public water. I want to be a source of fun information that helps teach tips and tactics at the same time.”

Grow It

When it comes to growth, Guy has his fingers in a lot of pots, and his partnership with Federal is a dream come true.

“I remember going in and telling my wife that Federal had called. I was so excited,” he says. “It has always been a brand I’ve looked up to and being able to partner with them is icing on the cake. Federal is a very traditional brand, which I love, but they still want to be fresh and edgy. That’s huge!”

Guy is also a part owner in a top-tier waterfowl brand known as DUX Waterfowl Co.

“Andrew and I wanted to get my YouTube Channel rolling first, but then it became about something more,” Guy says. “My YouTube Channel is a hunting channel with guns, and YouTube doesn’t like that much. In fact, they demonetize it. We needed a way to replace some of our lost income. DUX was the answer. I can’t believe the brand is where it is today.”

Humble, happy and helpful—that’s Bobby Guy in a nutshell. He’s a grinder—willing to do whatever it takes to keep waterfowling fun and fresh. Check out his YouTube Channel BobbyGuyFilms and follow him on Instagram @Bobby_Guy_Films and on Facebook at BobbyGuyFilms. For more information on DUX, visit

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