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Federal Premium Terminal Ascent cartridges being removed from the packaging

When To Upgrade Your Rifle Bullet

The proven track record of simple cup-and-core bullets on Eastern whitetails is undisputed, but don’t let it lull you into complacency. We explain when you need to upgrade.

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Remi looking into a rifle scope

How Velocity Affects Performance

With the advent of modern waterfowl loads like Black Cloud and shot materials like TSS, velocity’s role in overall performance has changed. Federal ambassador and “The Fowl Life” host Chad Belding discusses the issue with choke tube maker Rob Roberts.

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Hunter getting ready to shoot waterfowl that are landing in a field

Waterfowl Hunting’s 3 Toughest Shots

Hunting ducks and geese is full of challenging shots. “The Fowl Life” host and Federal ambassador Chad Belding calls out what he sees as the three hardest ones and explains how to make them.

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Two hunters kneeling by a downed elk

It's Federal Season Stories

Every hunter owes their passion for the outdoors to someone who sparked their interest and helped it grow. We tracked down a few of these special individuals. These are their stories.

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Two hunters kneeling by a downed elk

Wild Eats

Savor your hard-earned harvest and enjoy every bite with this collection of easy, exclusive wild game recipes from Federal.

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green harvester picking up cut tree trucks

Building The Ultimate Hunting Property

As conscientious hunters, we don't just want to fill tags. We also want to make a positive difference to the places we hunt. Tag along with Federal ambassador Josh Froelich on his journey to turn his home property into ideal habitat for both game and hunters.

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