Aiming Rifle

It’s Federal Season Podcast

In the inaugural “It’s Federal Season” podcast, Sr. Director of Marketing Jason Nash and President Jason Vanderbrink explain the topics and guests you can expect in future episodes.

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White-tail deer with NSSM logo

Gun Owners Care About Conservation

Hunters, target shooters and gun owners are the No. 1 contributors to wildlife conservation in America. Together, they make possible contributions of more than $3.4 billion every year to support wildlife agencies and conservation.

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Sighting Rifle

Going Point-Blank

Understand and use the concept of point-blank range for faster target acquisition and more accurate real-world shooting.

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Sighting In Rifle At a Range

Get Dialed In

The woods are calling, and you want to be ready. Heed these sight-in tips and prep your rifle or slug gun to put backstraps on the grill.

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