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Designing FireStick

Federal engineers opened a whole new chapter in muzzleloading technology with FireStick, the critical component of an all-new ignition system that charges from the breech, loads from the muzzle and shoots like nothing before.

Federal engineers opened a whole new chapter in muzzleloading technology with FireStick, the critical component of an all-new ignition system that charges from the breech, loads from the muzzle and shoots like nothing before.

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FireStick being loaded into Muzzleloader

Breech Breakthrough

FireStick's charge is completely impervious to moisture and built to the same tight tolerances as Federal Premium factory ammunition, ensuring shot-to-shot consistency and accuracy muzzleloaders have never experienced. FireStick decharges quickly, simply and safely by slipping out of the breech-there's no need to fire the rifle.

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  1. Shooter inserts Federal 209 muzzleloading primer (SOLD SEPARATELY)
  2. Fast, effortless charging and decharging
  3. Same tight tolerances and quality controls as loaded ammunition
  4. Propellant capsule uses clean-burning Hodgdon® Triple Eight powder
  5. Impervious to moisture and the elements
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  1. Charges from the breech of compatible rifles
  2. Bullet loads from the muzzle
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Experience It

FireStick’s polymer encapsulated charge seals out moisture and uses clean-burning Hodgdon Triple Eight, for simplicity, consistency and accuracy you’ve never experienced.

FireStick’s polymer encapsulated charge seals out moisture and uses clean-burning Hodgdon Triple Eight, for simplicity, consistency and accuracy you’ve never experienced.

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FireStick loaded into muzzleloader

Protect Our Heritage With Every Shot

When you choose Federal Premium FireStick, you’re not just ensuring the performance needed to make your hunt a success—you’re protecting the hunting and shooting heritage. Federal donates a portion of the proceeds from every package of FireStick sold to the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation to support its mission to inform, influence and defend policies that protect and promote outdoor traditions.

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Traditions NitroFire

Traditions Logo and gun

Federal partnered with Traditions™ while developing the FireStick system, making it compatible with the new NitroFire rifle.

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CVA Crossfire

Crossfire Logo and Gun

The CVA Crossfire was developed for use with the patented FireStick ignition system. This system, combined with CVA’s break-action design, provides unsurpassed ease of loading and unloading for the convenience-minded shooter.

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The Choice of Lee & Tiffany

A long career of muzzleloader hunting has given Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, hosts of “Crush with Lee & Tiffany,” valuable perspective on what works—and what doesn’t. That’s why time at the range with FireStick has made them believers in the all-new system. Its simplicity and reliability has made FireStick the couple’s choice for all of their upcoming muzzleloader hunts.

Traditions Logo and gun
Traditions Logo and gun

The Benefits

FireStick has transformed the modern muzzleloader and the experience of hunting with one. These videos demonstrate the system’s full advantages.

Firestick being loaded into a muzzleloader

Simply The Best

Lots of muzzleloading systems work, but Federal Premium FireStick is the first to truly make the process simple—from charging and priming to removing the charge and unloading at the end of the day.

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Firestick after being submerged in water

Not Just Waterproof—Waterproven

Completely sealed in polymer, Federal Premium FireStick stands up to the dunk test and comes out on top. Learn how it defeats moisture every time.

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Consistency Counts

Accuracy and precision demand consistency. That’s why we removed all the variables when building Federal Premium FireStick. Discover how we made it happen.

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2021 Golden Bullseye Muzzleloader Of The Year

2021 Golden Bullseye

Innovation has earned Federal Premium FireStick a place alongside the Traditions NitroFire rifle as co-winner of the 2021 Golden Bullseye Muzzleloader of the Year Award from American Hunter magazine. Golden Bullseye winners are selected by a seven-member committee of editors and veteran NRA Publications staff with more than a century of combined experience in shooting and hunting.

FireStick Acceptance Constantly Expanding For Muzzleloader Hunting

We’re working hard to help gain acceptance for FireStick use during dedicated muzzleloading seasons in more states across the country. This map shows where we currently understand FireStick to be legal for muzzleloading season use—it will be updated real-time as we gain more states. This graphic should be used for general guidance only. Always check local regulations and contact your game and fish department to confirm for your area. COVID-19 has caused delays in regulation changes as states respond to the pandemic and the resulting increase in hunting and fishing participation.

Map Key:
Green: FireStick is legal for dedicated muzzleloading season use to our understanding. Always review state regulations prior to hunting.
Yellow: This state is reviewing its regulations to create clarification around FireStick use for hunting since it’s a new innovation in muzzleloading. At the time of publication, no update was available. Please contact your state for clarification.
White: Please contact your state for clarification around FireStick use for general season and muzzleloader season hunting.

Legal FireStick States Map

Frequently Asked Questions

At product launch, two pre-loaded FireStick charge levels are available: 100 grains or 120 grains Hodgdon Triple Eight. FireSticks are sold in 10-count packs and carry an MSRP of $26.95 per pack. Users can expect projectile velocities equal to or better than what they are getting with equivalent loads from other types of in-line muzzleloaders. Learn more about Hodgdon’s new Triple Eight muzzleloader powder by visiting

It’s the perfect match for Federal Premium Trophy Copper or Lead Tipped muzzleloader bullets. These bullets’ exclusive B.O.R. Lock MZ System provides outstanding accuracy in a non-sabot design that's easy to load, scrubs fouling from the breech and ensures consistent bullet seating.

B.O.R. Lock MZ System features an expanding polymer base cup that engages rifling and seals the bore for extraordinary velocity and accuracy. Its high ballistic coefficient flattens trajectories and minimizes wind drift. The required loading force averages about half that of most sabots. B.O.R. Lock MZ’s non-sabot design is approved for hunting in most areas.

That said, Federal’s FireStick is compatible with any brand of muzzleloader bullets. The decision is up to the shooter on what bullet works best in their rifle.

Ballistics are variable based on the specific firearm and projectile used, as well as environmental conditions. The ballistics data below provide velocities.


Ignition is important in muzzleloading. That's why Federal Premium developed its 209 muzzleloading primers, part number PMZ209. The formulation provides superior resistance to moisture, as well as hot, reliable ignition of both granulated powder and pellets in any conditions. The design reduces the excessive breech fouling—also known as a “crud ring”—typical of standard shotshell primers. However, any brand of muzzleloader-specific or 209 type primers could work with the FireStick system.
A separate primer allows the shooter to choose their preferred primer, and keeps with the traditional components of muzzleloading; bullet, powder, primer. By shipping the product without a primer, it ships to dealers classified as powder, not ammunition.

Yes, partially because there are fewer parts to clean. The lack of a removeable breech plug in the system makes access to the breech much easier to brush clean than standard 209 inline actions. There is no breech plug to remove, pick clean, soak and lube which removes entire steps in the overall cleaning process.

The new Hodgdon Triple Eight powder burns very efficiently and greatly reduces the amount of unburnt powder and residue in the barrels. Due to powder being in the capsule, there is no powder touching and igniting directly inside of the barrel. The bullet seats on the bullet shelf, not on top of powder. All this means the FireStick system generally reduces the traditional “powder ring” black powder shooters have come to recognize in the barrel after repeated firings. A powder ring left unclean can lead to barrel corrosion. With the FireStick, there is less or no powder ring to clean, so risk of barrel corrosion is also less.

The new Hodgdon Triple Eight is not designed for water-based clean-up. Using a cleaning solvent provides an effective and efficient job cleaning.

No. The polymer charge dimensions are chosen to prevent any dangerous combinations with any existing centerfire or shotgun cartridges. FireStick rifles also feature a recessed firing pin designed to only strike a FireStick and not fire any already existing centerfire or shotgun cartridges accidentally inserted into the firearm.
No. For safety reasons, FireSticks are designed for one-time use and cannot be reloaded.
The NitroFire is a 50 caliber muzzleloader with a 26-inch Ultralight Chromoly steel tapered and fluted barrel. Premium-grade Chromoly steel allows the NitroFire to be lightweight and not muzzle-heavy, yet remain strong and accurate. The NitroFire also features a Dual Safety System, 1:28-inch twist, Quick-T Ramrod Handle, and it is the only muzzleloader on the market that uses the FireStick system.
The NitroFire is equipped with Traditions new Elite XT trigger system. It is designed with a rebounding hammer and a manual cross block trigger safety. The Elite XT trigger allows the action to be broken open with the cross bolt safety engaged, which allows you to load or unload your muzzleloader and view the chamber.
The NitroFire is one of the safest muzzleloaders on the market since several safety features have been built in:
  1. Cross block trigger safety.
  2. Elite XT Trigger system, which allows you to remove the FireStick from your NitroFire if you are crossing a fence, getting into a vehicle or climbing out of a treestand. It also locks the action when the NitroFire is fully cocked so the muzzleloader cannot be broken open.
  1. Factory-manufactured, and precision charged so you’ll get consistent performance every time.
  2. Allows safe removal of the unfired charge from the breech and quick removal when necessary.
  3. Eliminates the risk of accidentally over- or under-charging.
  1. With the barrel pointed in a safe direction, load your projectile through the muzzle with your ramrod. Push it down the barrel and seat it on the shelf within the barrel. You’ll feel the bullet stop with resistance. This provides a consistent starting point every time.
  2. Break open the action and insert the Federal Premium FireStick into the breech.
  3. Place a 209 primer into the primer pocket of the FireStick. Close breech and your muzzleloader is fully loaded.
First, be sure the FireStick has been removed. Next, take your ramrod and thread on the bullet unloading jag accessory. Insert the ramrod jag-end first into the breech area and push the unused bullet out through the muzzle.
Yes, the Traditions NitroFire and CVA Crossfire muzzleloaders require a 4473 and are not considered an antique firearm.
The Traditions NitroFire and CVA Crossfire can be purchased at local dealers, online retailers, or any major retailers that carry Traditions or CVA products. Visit and for more information.
No. Since FireStick is legally classified as an explosive—not ammunition—it may not be brought aboard a commercial aircraft.