Lady shooting a rifle outside beside a guy shooting a handgun at an indoor range

Getting Started

You've decided to buy your first firearm—now what? Check out this crash course in shooting and ammunition fundamentals. The collection of videos and articles will put you on the fast track to success, however you intend to shoot.

woman shooting a handgun at an indoor range

Defense & Range

When you choose to own a firearm, you’re also choosing to take on the responsibility of ensuring it’s handled, stored and used safely. We explain what you need to know and the rules you must follow to do your part.

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Lady shooting a rifle outside

First Hunts

If you’re hitting the woods for the first time, there’s a lot to learn. Our team of experts share insights that will make your hunts fun and successful.

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Man looking down a rifle scope

Long-Range Shooting

Whether for hunting big game or breaking into the competitive shooting sports, more shooters are taking the plunge into long-range shooting every day. We reveal the skills, equipment and concepts you need to master.

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