Punch 22 LR Packaging on top of Punch 22 LR cartridges

Throwing Punches

Federal’s Punch family is growing, and the new 22 LR version is revolutionizing rimfire self-defense ammunition.

Learn What It Does
Josh Froelich simple pistol speed drill.

Simple Pistol Speed Drill

Combine movement, cover and a good cadence, and you have the makings of a great drill to help you shoot faster. Federal ambassador Josh Froelich lays out the steps you can follow on your next range day.

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Josh Froelich showing the distance between him and the barrels cover infront of him

Don’t Crowd Your Cover

Whether it’s a wall in a self-defense situation or a barrier in a competition stage, shooters have a tendency to crowd the cover around which they intend to shoot. Big mistake. Federal ambassador Josh Froelich shows why putting some space between you and the cover will help you shoot more effectively.

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