Josh Froelich adding 30 Super Carry into a magazine

Why Capacity Is King

Now that modern bullet technology has leveled the terminal performance of most popular carry cartridges, shooters like Josh Froelich believe capacity, concealability and shootability have become the most important factors in which one you choose. The Federal ambassador and professional shooter reveals a new choice that checks every box.

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HST 9mm, HST 30 Super Carry, and 380 Auto HST Micro packaging on a table with a pistol

Julie Golob Puts 30 Super Carry To The Test

Want to see the real-world differences that separate new Federal 30 Super Carry from 380 Auto and 9mm Luger? Champion shooter and Federal ambassador Julie Golob puts all three cartridges in a head-to-head test for recoil and muzzle flip.

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