True Stories of Self-Defense Success


Man shooting pistol at orange target

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) offers education, training and legal protection to responsible American gun owners who have vowed to be the ultimate defenders of their loved ones. And so it’s not surprising, really, that a common question people who are considering joining the USCCA ask is:

Does anyone actually use the self-defense legal protection benefits you offer?

We could spout off a bunch of statistics about crime and how the USCCA’s Self-Defense SHIELD works, but that doesn’t necessarily showcase the true value of USCCA benefits following a member’s self-defense incident.

David, Brad, and Kerri Ann

Check out the following shocking true stories of USCCA Members who were forced into action, and then decide for yourself.

David’s Story: Armed Thugs in the Barbershop

Shortly after USCCA Member David sat down at Next Step Barbershop, two masked men walked in wielding guns.

David pleaded with the men not to shoot as his girlfriend grabbed their three children, shielding them as best she could.

But the gunmen advanced, demanding money and valuables from the barbershop’s patrons and knocking over the barber in the process.

David was forced to make a split-second decision: Should he draw his concealed firearm and trust that his training would pay off?

He looked at his family, frozen in terror, and knew what he had to do.

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Brad’s Story: Pepper Spray & the Violent Attacker

When USCCA Member Brad was on his way home from work, he noticed a car swerving dangerously through traffic. Despite his best efforts to put some distance between the road rager’s car and his own, Brad ended up stuck at a red light right next to the crazed man, who had now begun to scream obscenities at him.

Brad didn’t want any trouble and begged the man to leave him alone. But it was no use; the other driver got out of his car and proceeded to attack Brad through his car window — right in the middle of the road!

Brad didn’t want to take another’s life, but he knew he had to do something. And so he did the only thing he could think of.

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Kerri Ann’s Story: Attacked in a Friend’s Home

USCCA Member Kerri Ann arrived at a friend’s house one day and quickly found herself in the middle of a heated argument. Using insights she picked up through the USCCA, she tried to de-escalate the growing tension between her friend and her friend’s boyfriend.

Unfortunately, her efforts failed. The boyfriend turned his attention to Kerri Ann and pushed her aside, blocking her ability to escape.

Kerri Ann tried to remain calm but feared for her life, forcing her to rely on her training to make a quick decision.

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After a Self-Defense Incident

Just as in each of the previous three stories, the USCCA exists to help its members after the frightening and critical moments of a self-defense incident. Learn more about Self-Defense SHIELD and other USCCA benefits at