Person loading HST into a pistol

Self-Defense Positions

You don’t get to choose the circumstances of a self-defense situation. That’s why Federal brand ambassador Josh Froelich practices drawing from the three most common start positions.

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Person loading HST into a pistol

Business Casual Carry

When it comes to effective concealed carry, there is no one-size-fits all option. How you carry and the holster you use depends on the clothes you wear, and business casual presents its own unique challenges. This video from BLACKHAWK! spells out what you need to do.

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Person loading HST into a pistol

Does Cartridge Still Matter?

A lot has changed in the century since many of our most popular handgun cartridges hit the scene. Bullet construction has completely changed the classic caliber debates and left shooters with a surprising answer.

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Handgun In Holster

Cover, Concealment & Defense

There’s a big difference between being out of sight and out of danger. We explain how to take this into consideration when planning for defense inside and outside your home.

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Getting Started

It can be challenging to determine if personal protection is right for you. Our experts walk you through the decision-making process, share tips and suggestions, and provide additional resources to start your journey.

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