He’s a former Navy SEAL and the director of CrossFit Games, but Dave Castro’s also a shooter and hunter. He knows that good shooting and good fitness go hand-in-hand, and he explains it in an all-new series of videos that will help you shoot better.

Dave Castro doing crates steps

Fitness: Getting Started

You’ll make more hits when you’re fit. Dave explains the competitive and practical benefits that fitness brings to all shooting sports. He lays the groundwork for what you need to do.

First Steps
Dave Castro Lifting Weights

Western Hunt Preparedness

Strength, endurance and conditioning are the core aspects of being physically prepared for a Western hunt. Dave talks over how each of these factor into a hunt and shares how to attack them.

Be Prepared
Dave Castro Hiking up a Hill

Hill Drill

You’re not going to fill your tag if you can’t drag your butt up the mountain—or keel over trying. This simple drill will get you in shape and better prepared to make the shot when hunting rough country.

Start the Climb
Dave Castro Doing Squats

No-Hill Drill

Don’t have a hill to climb to prep for your high-country hunt? Dave demonstrates this simple, effective alternative.

Go The Distance
Dave Castro Climbing Up a Rope

Action Shooting Workout

Most of those who compete in action shooting sports know the importance of fitness. But many neglect the aspects of physical conditioning that make the biggest difference at a match. Dave shares exercises to improve in the areas that matter most.

Take Action
Dave Castro Rolling Weights

Long-Range Legwork

Although long-range shooters would seem to benefit less from fitness, that’s simply not true. Dave explains the difference conditioning can make, and he outlines what you need to do.

Go The Distance