Your First Elk Hunt

A run-in with a giant bull might last only seconds, but anyone who’s hunted them knows that countless weeks and sometimes years of preparation go into making that encounter a success.

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Missy Gilliland

Push Range To The Extreme

Long-range shooting aces Jim and Missy Gilliland have a knack for hitting their mark. If you’d like to shoot better, farther, follow the advice of this hard-shooting husband and wife.

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Krystal Dunn

Transform Your Transitions

Learning to shave time while maintaining accuracy is paramount to shooters hoping to climb onto the podium. Federal ambassador Krystal Dunn is a master of transitions and shares how to use them to carve valuable seconds off stage times.

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Colion Noir

Taking A Stand

As a variety of forces seek to divide and conquer American gun owners, rising star Colion Noir is fast becoming a unifying voice in the fight for our freedom.

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