Vincent Looking down a shotgun

Living A Dream

Every year, countless athletes train to make their dreams a reality. A very small percentage ever do. USA Shooting member Vincent Hancock’s pulled it off twice, and he’s looking to do it again.

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Hannah in front of a pickup with a deer

Taking Hold Of The Outdoors

This hog-killing, deer-chasing catfish noodler is dedicated to helping the next generation of outdoorswomen realize they can do anything they set their minds to.

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Dr Duck standing with a dog

Dr. Duck

This duck hunting dynamo is on a mission to grow the waterfowling community.

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Krystal Dunn

Transform Your Transitions

Learning to shave time while maintaining accuracy is paramount to shooters hoping to climb onto the podium. Federal ambassador Krystal Dunn is a master of transitions and shares how to use them to carve valuable seconds off stage times.

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Josh Froelich Doing Drills

Speed Drills

Navigating stages quickly and safely is critical to 3-Gun success. Put tips from Federal ambassador Josh Froelich to work and reap the rewards.

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