Courtney Hunting

Sharing Every Shot

In today’s world, where hunters and shooters get cutting-edge content straight from the source, Federal ambassador Sportswoman Courtney has made a profession out of her passion for the outdoors.

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Josh Froelich

Start Drills

An effective start can make or break any stage. Shave tenths of seconds with this sound advice from ambassador Josh Froelich.

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Missy Gilliland

Bucking The Norm

Federal ambassador Bobby Guy is taking the waterfowl world by storm. Jump in the tornado and enjoy the ride.

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Krystal Dunn

Transform Your Transitions

Learning to shave time while maintaining accuracy is paramount to shooters hoping to climb onto the podium. Federal ambassador Krystal Dunn is a master of transitions and shares how to use them to carve valuable seconds off stage times.

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Josh Froelich Doing Drills

Speed Drills

Navigating stages quickly and safely is critical to 3-Gun success. Put tips from Federal ambassador Josh Froelich to work and reap the rewards.

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