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A Mission To Make Hunting Fun

Kip sitting beside a downed dear

When you think of “Red Arrow TV,” you likely envision host Kip Campbell 20 feet up a hardwood waiting on a whitetail. You wouldn’t be wrong. His deer desire was sparked along the banks of Virginia’s James River. Today, the Federal ambassador has traveled the country in search of whitetail nirvana, and as his uber-popular show proves, he often finds it.

There is, however, much more to Campbell than crazy face paint, down-home personality and his ability to regularly deflate the lungs of big bucks. He is an outdoorsman. He enjoys sending lead downrange with his AR-platform rifles as much as he does carbon out of his bow. In fact, it’s not uncommon for the Campbell family to load up their three kids, at any random point during the season, and head to the Lone Star state for a few weeks to shoot hogs and do some doe patrol.

The Mission

That’s what Campbell keeps coming back to: his want to see the youth of this country get off the couch, away from the gaming devices and embrace the great outdoors.

“Whether a beautiful piece of property is left wild and untamed in Montana or divided up and sold off in small parcels is up to the next generation,” Campbell says. “I want the Campbell lifestyle to show that we honor God, country and family. That’s what it’s all about. That’s what this nation needs to get back to.”

Kip looking down a rifle scope with a box of Federal Premium Nosler Accubond sitting beside him

As for how this Fork Union Military Academy graduate became a household name in the outdoor television world, it was nothing more than really, really hard work. Campbell admits that after high school, he went to college because that’s what he felt like he was supposed to do. While in college, he switched majors to communication and started editing video.

“It was funny,” Campbell laughs. “I actually got some of my professors to let me skip class time so my buddy and I could go out and video. I’m sure they thought we were making nature documentaries or something, but we were just having fun and filming each other hunt. Little did I know, we were actually filming the first pilot episode for what would become “Red Arrow TV” for a senior project.

Red Arrow TV

After college, Campbell married the love of his life, Kat, and the grind started. Kip and Kat sent the pilot out to a couple of channels and got picked up for a 13-episode run. The newlyweds had zero money and were actually living in Kip’s grandparents’ basement.

Today, everything has come full circle. Kip and Kat have three beautiful children and side of things always being crazy and hectic, find lots of time to spend together as a family. Recently, the couple launched Red Arrow Weapons, which has added to their plate but is an adventure that is really starting to take off.

Kip knealing beside a downed deer and 2 boars with his wife, son, and two daughters

“When Federal first reached out, I figured it was because of the gun company,” he says. “Nope. They didn’t even know we’d started one. They just wanted to partner with ‘Red Arrow TV.’ They liked the message and liked the fact that we did shoot a lot of guns on an archery show. What an honor it is to get to partner with such a respected company, to help promote their message. I’ve shot Federal since I was a little kid, and now I get to shoot a lot more of it.”

Keeping Thing Fun

Looking to the future, Campbell wants to keep living and promoting the outdoor lifestyle and having fun along the way. He believes, in many ways, hunting has become convoluted and that a lot of people are taking it too seriously.

Kip walking through a wooded area with his rifle

“We aren’t saving the universe,” he says. “We are just having fun doing what we love to do. Hunting with family and friends and just spending time in the outdoors is a blessing, and we need to enjoy every single minute of it. We don’t ever plan to stop having fun, and I hope people never stop telling me that I make them feel, when they watch me on television, that I seem like one of their hunting buddies.”