Federal Premium HEVI-Bismuth Packaging
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Federal Premium HEVI-Bismuth

Hit both upland birds and waterfowl with a payload of 9.6 g/cc density pellets. Sourced from our partners at HEVI-Shot, the industry leader in non-lead pellet technology, HEVI-Bismuth shot is 22 percent denser than steel, delivering more lethal energy downrange. Launched by the FLITECONTROL FLEX wad, bismuth pellets produce dense patterns, and their metallic properties make them safe in both modern and classic shotguns.

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30 Super Carry HST Packaging

30 Super Carry

The power of 9mm Luger. The capacity and versatility of nothing else. Meet 30 Super Carry, Federal’s all-new handgun cartridge that bridges the ultimate performance gap in self-defense. Shooters can get even more from the cartridge with new loads across the Federal line, including HST and American Eagle.

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High Over All Packaging

High Over All

Engineered for the most elite trap, skeet and sporting clays shooters, Federal Premium® High Over All™ leaves a trail of shattered targets in its wake and more reloads per shell. Its hard, high-antimony lead payload and exclusive one-piece Podium™ wad produce the most consistent patterns, while the solid brass head and tapered, one-piece hull make reloading easier than ever. It’s the ultimate competition load for the world’s best shooters.

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Punch 44 S&W Special Packaging
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Punch 44 S&W Special

Shooters who choose to protect themselves with the powerful 44 S&W Spl. can now opt for the versatility of Federal Punch. Like all loads in the line, the 180-grain offering’s skived jacket and soft lead core produce the best expansion and penetration for real-world defense.

Top Gun 12 GA Packaging

100th Anniversary Limited Editions

Celebrate a century of Federal ammunition with special-edition packaging that honors classic Federal shotshell, rifle and handgun products. Though commemorative and collectible, with a limited quantity being built, the loads offer all the same features and performance of their modern equivalents.

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Terminal Ascent Component Bullets Packaging

Terminal Ascent Component Bullets

Harness the world’s best all-range performance in every handload that leaves your press. Federal Premium Terminal Ascent component bullets are now available in a full selection of bullet weights and diameters, including new heavy for-caliber .277, .284 and .308 options.

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357 Magnum And 327 Federal Magnum Packaging
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357 Magnum And 327 Federal Magnum

Fuel your magnum revolver with the power of Federal Premium HST thanks to new offerings in 357 Magnum and 327 Magnum. The proven bullet design fully utilizes the magnum performance of these cartridges to maximize expansion and hit critical penetration depths.

Top Gun With Paper Wad Packaging
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Top Gun With Paper Wad

Experience the clay-crushing performance of one of our most trusted target loads and leave less plastic downrange. Select Federal Top Gun offerings combine the new Paper Wad, cellulose-based filler and a paper gas-sealing over-powder wad to maximize patterns while reducing shooters’ impact. Available in both lead and steel payload options.

Force X2 Shorty Packaging

Force X2 Shorty

We’ve combined the power of two of our newest technologies to create a shotshell option that changes the nature of self-defense. Force X Shorty shells measure just 1 ¾ inches but hold a payload of six 00 segmenting buckshot engineered to split into two equal pieces on impact. When used with firearms designed to cycle sub-length shotshells like the Mossberg 590S, the loads offer much higher magazine capacities with up to twice the wound channels over standard buckshot loads.

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HammerDown Packaging
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We’re opening up the performance and power of HammerDown to hunters who shoot 35 Rem. and 444 Marlin. Velocities are customized to produce superior ballistics and terminal performance through lever-action barrel lengths. The geometry of each round’s case, bullet and cartridge ensures flawless cycling through tubular magazine and typical lever-action feeding systems.

Upland Steel With Paper Wad Packaging
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Upland Steel With Paper Wad

Put more birds on the ground—and less plastic. Federal Upland Steel uses the new Paper Wad, cellulose-based filler and a paper gas-sealing over-powder wad to produce effective patterns while significantly reducing the amount of plastic left in the field. Its high velocity makes the most of the 1-ounce steel payload.

Gold Medal Berger 6mm Creedmoor Packaging

Gold Medal Berger 6mm Creedmoor

We’ve expanded the trusted Gold Medal rifle ammunition line with a new 109-grain 6mm Creedmoor load. This fast, flat-shooting cartridge has already proven itself in competition and earned the respect of elite long-range shooters.

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High Brass Game Load Packaging
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Hi-Brass Game Load

Woods or fields. Fur or feathers. Federal Hi-Brass Game Loads have you covered, and there’s a new 20-gauge, 3-inch 1 ¼-ounce option available in 5 and 6 shot. The loads are carefully crafted and packed with features that provide reliable, effective performance on a variety of upland game.