Consistently Terminal

No matter the hunter, distance or animal, the Terminal Ascent story always ends the same. Up close. At extreme range. And everywhere in between. Built to shoot flatter, more accurately and with better expansion and weight retention than any bullet ever created.

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Terminal Ascent bullet being made

Launching Terminal Ascent

Get an inside look at the development and launch of Federal Premium Terminal Ascent. It penetrates deep at any range, offers the highest BCs in its class, and expands at longer distances than any comparable design

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Terminal Ascent bullet being made

Expansion Redefined

Lethal extreme-range bullet performance doesn't look like the 2x expansion hunters see at conventional distances—it's not supposed to. With petals that open instantly and peel back uniformly every time, the Terminal Ascent transfers more energy to the animal on impact and carves straight, deadly wound channels at all velocities.

Hunter on a hill looking through a rifle scope

Terminal Ascent

bullet rendering with numbered callouts
  1. Gold Medal primer
  2. Nickel-plated brass
  3. Optimized boat-tail
  4. Nickel-plated bullet
  5. The Slipstream polymer tip’s patented hollow core design initiates expansion at all distances
  6. AccuChannel technology improves accuracy and minimizes drag
  7. Specially formulated propellant

How We Build It

There’s never been anything like Federal Premium Terminal Ascent. Almost as remarkable as the bullet itself is the process used to build it. Take a behind-the-scenes look at how we craft the best all-range big game bullet ever made.

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Terminal Ascent bullet being made

Design Advantages

When we launched Federal Premium Terminal Ascent, it rewrote the book on hunting bullet design. These videos reveal the key features that set it apart.

shot bullets from different ranges

Total Performance

With the combined power of robust bonding, the Slipstream polymer tip and AccuChannel grooving, Terminal Ascent achieves what no other bullet can—true all-range accuracy and terminal performance.

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close up cutaway of the terminal ascent slipstream tip

Slipstream Tip

With an exclusive hollow core, the Slipstream polymer tip initiates expansion of Terminal Ascent’s bonded jacket and core at distances far beyond the effective limits of comparable bullets.

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computer screen showing a close up of the accuchannel groove technology

AccuChannel Groove Technology

Although typical bullet grooving can hit ballistic coefficients hard, Terminal Ascent uses AccuChannel groove technology to minimize drag while providing better accuracy across a wider range of rifles.

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What Our Ambassadors Are Saying

Terminal Ascent Testimony

Full-time guide and professional hunter Remi Warren is a believer. Learn what features and performance convinced him Terminal Ascent is the ultimate all-range big game bullet.

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Terminal Ascent Testimony

The Maverick Chooses Terminal Ascent

Outfitter, TV host and Federal ambassador Freddy Harteis has put Terminal Ascent through its paces, taking on—and putting down—everything from antelope to bison. He explains why it’s his bullet of choice and shows the results.

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Terminal Ascent packaging with mountains in the background

Tested At Tecomate

From red stag at 40 yards to big whitetails at 500-plus, the sheer variety of shooting opportunities on Texas’ Tecomate Properties make them ideal proving grounds for bullet performance. David Morris, host of Federal-sponsored “The Bucks of Tecomate,” explains the torture test he’s put Terminal Ascent through and shares the impressive results.

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Terminal Ascent upset being held between two fingers
22plinkster with buck

"Wide open country, long shots and stiff winds don't have a thing on Terminal Ascent. Nothing shoots like this."

2021 Golden Bullseye Ammunition Product Of The Year

2021 Golden Bullseye

Long-range accuracy and all-range terminal performance has earned Federal Premium Terminal Ascent a new honor: the Golden Bullseye Award for Ammunition Product of the Year from American Rifleman magazine. Golden Bullseye winners are selected by a seven-member committee of editors and veteran NRA Publications staff with more than a century of combined experience in shooting and hunting.

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Designing The World’s Best Hunting Bullet

All-new Terminal Ascent combines both hunting and match bullet features to create the best all-range, all-velocity big game ammunition ever. Learn how our engineers leveraged nearly a century of ammunition expertise and our latest technologies to make the impossible become reality.

Discover Its Story
Target with Terminal Ascenet image

Hook & Barrel Magazine Features Terminal Ascent

Brian McCombie shares his experience with Terminal Ascent and answers the question “So how far can a hunter take an animal cleanly with Terminal Ascent rounds?”

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