Handgun Magazine being loaded

First Hunts

hunters sitting amoungst snow goose decoys with those shotguns pointed to the sky

The Magazine

Extended magazines and unplugged guns are some of the hallmarks of spring snow goose season. But Chad Belding, Federal ambassador and “The Fowl Life” host, says most of the shells that fill them go to waste. Here’s how to manage you magazine and put it to best use when a flock comes in this spring.

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male turkey

Public Ground Gobblers

Hunting longbeards on open-to-anyone dirt can be a difficult chore. Heed these tips and come out of the woods with a fan bobbing over your shoulder.

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Open box of Black Cloud

The Shot

Pellet size has a tremendous impact on how effective you are on any waterfowl hunt, but it’s especially important for spring snow geese. Federal ambassador and “The Fowl Life” host Chad Belding gives up his top payloads in this quick tip.

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a group of hunters in a field aiming their shotguns at passing snow geese

The Migration

Juvenile birds make or break the spring snow goose hunt. Federal ambassador and “The Fowl Life” host Chad Belding explains how to time your hunt to coincide with the biggest push of juvies this year.

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walking through fields carry geese

The Hide

Hunted both up and down the flyway, snow geese have gained an uncanny ability to pick out blinds and avoid them. Federal ambassador and “The Fowl Life” host Chad Belding details how and where he sets up to fool the wariest flocks.

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Fox in a field

The Ideal Place To Squeal

Picking the right calling location will make or break your next coyote hunt.

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Hunter looking at deer horns outside

Process Your Own Deer Part 1—Quartering

It’s a job many of us pass off to a commercial processor on the drive home from deer camp without a thought. But butchering your own deer is nothing you can’t do, and the rewards are worth it. Here’s how to get started.

Initial Cuts
deer meat laid out on a table

Process Your Own Deer Part 2—Butchering

So your deer has been quartered and you’re ready to turn a cooler full of whole parts into trimmed, cut, ready-to-eat meat. We give step-by-step instructions on a fast, simple way to do it.

Make Some Meat