Every hunter owes their passion for the outdoors to someone who sparked their interest and helped it grow. We tracked down a few of these special individuals. These are their stories.

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Staying Connected

Life is constantly changing—every day is a transition. But with hunting and family, a few precious things remain constant.

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Teaching The Next Generation

When a mentor takes someone under their wing who wouldn’t have otherwise experienced hunting, it changes lives for the better.

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Putting Others First

Whether you’re talking about roosters in a prairie fencerow or any aspect of everyday life, the more you give, the more you get. This proves it.

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The Family That Hunts Together

Family bonds don’t get much stronger than those forged when a father shares a love of hunting and shooting with his daughters.

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Sharing The Season

Notched tags and full coolers are only the tangible results. Shared experiences, lifelong memories and lessons passed down between family and friends are the season’s real harvest.

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