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Custom Rifle Ammunition being made

Until now, if you wanted handloader-level quality, consistency and customization, you needed a press, a reloading bench and a whole lot of knowledge. Federal changed all of that forever with the introduction of Custom Shop, a service that allows shooters to choose from specialized rifle and shotshell loads and have them handloaded to order with the world’s finest components.

But discriminating shooters wouldn’t be discriminating shooters if they didn’t have questions about the specifics. We address the most common inquiries and provide the answers.

Q: Are orders saved for a customer, so they get the exact same build again later?
A: Yes, if the customer creates an online account. However, component lots can change over time.

Q: Do customers receive ballistic information for their order of handloaded ammunition?
A: Yes. Customers receive ballistic chart information for their custom rifle ammunition.

Q: Do customers receive the component recipe or load data for their order of handloaded ammunition?
A: No. Customers will not receive their order’s component recipe and load data from Federal.

6.5 Creedmore Custom Rifle Ammunition inside Custom Shop box

Q: What if the Custom Shop isn’t currently offering the ammo I want?
A: Shooters and hunters who can’t find their desired caliber, projectile, bullet weight or shotshell load for sale in the Custom Shop should let the team at Federal know via the Custom Shop order form, on social media or through the contact form

Q: Can customers order and buy factory loaded ammunition online with their Custom Shop order?
A: Yes. The Custom Shop is part of Federal’s greater online shopping service. Factory-loaded products are available to purchase online, direct from Federal. Customers can order both factory and custom shop ammunition on the same order, yet those products might ship separately based on factory ammunition inventory availability and Custom Shop lead times.

Q: What can we expect from Federal Custom Shop in the future?
A: Loading the best projectiles from across the hunting and shooting world draws on Federal’s legacy dating back to 1977, when the company first began manufacturing rifle ammunition using top bullets from other manufacturers. Expect Federal to build on this by offering customers an expanding suite of options, such as additional cartridges, projectiles, bullet weights, shotshell options, packaging choices, and more.

Custom Shop Ammo Box

Shooters with ideas for new Custom Shop offerings are encouraged to contact Federal and sign-up for its enewsletter for updates on Custom Shop ammunition, new products and much more. For more information about the Custom Shop and all other products from Federal Ammunition, visit