With precision-built, hand-crafted loads made to order, there’s never been a better way to shoot. Learn more about what goes into Federal Custom Shop products and see the results.

turkey standing in a field

Tailor-Made For Toms

You work all spring for those few heart-pounding seconds when a gobbler struts into view. Don't leave the moment to chance. With payloads of 18 g/cc Tungsten Super Shot handloaded by Federal's team of experts, Custom Shop turkey shotshells produce the hardest-hitting patterns in the woods.

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Custom Shotgun Ammo with a Shogun in the background

A Custom Fit

Learn what sets Federal’s new Custom Shop apart from all other commercially produced ammunition.

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Custom Rifle Ammunition being made

Made For You, Made Better

Learn more about how Federal Custom Shop works and what you can expect from this exclusive, handloaded-to-order ammunition.

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Custom Shotshell Ammunition with box

Pattern Perfection

Precision payloads are finally at all shooters’ fingertips. Check out these common questions regarding Federal Custom Shop shotshell ammunition and get the answers you’re looking for.

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Adult helping child shoot a rifle

Personalized Precision

Get answers to the most common questions shooters are asking about Federal Custom Shop rifle ammunition.

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Custom Rifle Ammo with Custom Shop ammo box in the background

Behind The Bullets

Choosing the right bullet to top your Federal Custom Shop load isn’t rocket science, but should involve some thought and research.

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Custom Shop specialist inspecting Custom Rifle ammo

Cartridge Knowledge

Part of Federal Custom Shop’s appeal are the specialty cartridges it offers—all loaded by veteran professionals who care as much about your next shot as you do.

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Hunter in front of a downed moose

60 Seconds Of Excitement

An Alberta moose puts Federal Custom Shop ammunition to a real-world test.

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Custom Shotshell packaging

TSS Science

Get the 411 on the most lethal shotshell payload ever created, the cornerstone of Federal Custom Shop shotshell offerings.

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Two pheasants laying on a pickup bumper

Proven On The Prairie

Handloaded TSS shotshells from Federal Custom Shop pull off a Nebraska foursome.

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Hunter carrying two dead geese

Waterfowl Heavyweights

Combine prime central Alberta farm country, skies full of ducks and geese, and boxes of Federal Custom Shop TSS shotshells, and you have a waterfowl hunt for the books.

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