Cartridge Knowledge

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Custom Shop specialist inspecting Custom Rifle ammo

Rifle calibers like the 30-06 Sprg., 308 Win. and 7mm Rem. Magnum are household names. We love them and realize they’re the choice for throngs of big-game enthusiasts. Ammo options are abundant and seldom too hard to find. With that noted, we realize there’s another faction of rifle-toters out there—those who prefer calibers that don’t line box-store shelves and need ammo that can seem like mission impossible to find. For this reason, Federal has added a number of specialty cartridge offerings to its Custom Shop.

257 Roberts +P

Commonly known as the 257 Bob, the 257 Roberts is a .25 caliber cartridge held in high-regard by the medium-sized big-game crowd. Added fps without added chamber pressure, recoil and muzzle blast make the .257 Roberts +P a particular favorite. The big story with the +P is that it has a SAAMI maximum pressure limit of 58,000 PSI when compared to the 54,000 PSI listed for the standard 257 Roberts. Being +P cases have thicker walls and can withstand higher charge pressures, shooters get a cartridge that improves their ability to pound a deer’s vitals at 300 yards and beyond.

257 Weatherby Magnum

Designed in 1944 and brought to market in 1945, the 257 Weatherby Magnum is loved by those who demand speed and flat-shooting performance. A favorite of Roy Weatherby for everything from varmints to pronghorn to deer, this wildcat round is a great choice for those seeking flat-shooting performance, low-recoil and excellent kinetic energy.

6.5-284 Norma

The 6.5-284 Norma’s addition to the Custom Shop lineup was cheered by the wildcat cartridge crowd. Based on the popular 284 Winchester and necked down to 6.5 mm, this round is favored by those who want to hunt any big game species with a single round. From pronghorn to elk, this cartridge will get the job done. Available through the Custom Shop, you can choose your favorite 6.5-284 Norma and have Federal’s veteran craftsmen take it from there in their state-of-the-art reloading workshop.

284 Winchester

The 284 Winchester was designed to be efficient and offer maximum performance in a cartridge that has been described by many as “short” and “fat”. Another do-all caliber, this 7mm cartridge nearly mirrors the length of a 308 Win. but sports a wider body that allows for increased powder capacity. Federal can build a round your 284 will put on the mark time and time again.

338 Federal

Many in the go-big or go-home crowd covet the 338 Federal, and for good reason. It’s a killer. First released in 2006, the cartridge is a 308 Win. necked up to hold .338-inch bullets. Fitting perfectly into a short-action receiver, this caliber is favored by those who enjoy toting a lightweight short-action rifle. Proven effective on moose, elk, bear and more, these rounds can be loaded with 185- and 200-grain Barnes Tipped TSX and Nosler AccuBond bullets.

Run With It

The process is simple: You pick the cartridge, bullet and weight and Federal provides its professionals with the data. They then sit down and go to work. The result is a handloaded round that meets your exact specifications and needs. Never worry about having ammo for your specialty caliber. Just visit Custom Shop and start building. Federal takes care of the rest.