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Fusion Component Bullet .284

Part # FB284F4
  • Bullet Weight: 175
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Warning for California Residents

Product Overview

Handloaders can now roll their own with the bullet design that changed hunting ammunition forever. Fusion component bullets provide the largest expansion and highest weight retention in their class. With a molecularly fused jacket and a pressure-formed core, Fusion transfers maximum energy on target and provides tag-filling accuracy.

  • Copper jacket is electro-chemically applied for perfect uniformity
  • Tough, pressure-formed lead core
  • Boat-tail design for excellent accuracy
  • Skived, pre-programmed nose provides consistent expansion
  • Maximum weight retention for deep penetration


Caliber .284
Bullet Weight 175
Bullet Style Fusion Soft Point
Ballistic Coefficient .537
Bullet Length In 1.340in. / 34.036mm
Sectional Density 0.31
Diameter In 0.284
Diameter Mm 7.213
Package Quantity 100
Usage Reloading