MeatEater’s Steven Rinella and Janis Putelis join the “It’s Federal Season” Podcast

ANOKA, Minnesota - June 18, 2020 - Steven Rinella and Janis Putelis are familiar with podcasts. The dynamic duo has been producing the “The MeatEater Podcast” since January of 2015 and have released more than two-hundred twenty episodes. The “It’s Federal Season” podcast team catches up with Rinella and Putelis while on a South Dakota turkey hunt in the Black Hills near Rapid City.

Episode No. 9 - MeatEater Magic

“Rinella and Putelis bring the same level of energy, humor, and thoughtfulness into this conversation as they do with their own podcast,” said Jason Nash, Federal Ammunition’s Vice President of Marketing. “Steven is a great storyteller and he shares more about the beginnings of MeatEater, its purpose, and the core values of the growing lifestyle brand.”

In the Tech Talk segment, the MeatEater team stays on to talk about the relationship they have with Federal and its leading products including 3rd Degree, which both used to successfully harvest Merriam’s turkeys during their trip to South Dakota. Before signing off, find out what promotions are available for consumers to buy Federal products and merchandise. Rinella and Putelis highlight the current “Hunt Harder” promotion with MeatEater products from Federal and CCI and a free trial with onX.

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