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Some downtime on a recent hunt was the perfect opportunity to put Steven Rinella and Janis Putelis in the hotseat. Hear their candid answers to these common questions for more insight on what makes the MeatEater team tick. Check back often, as more videos are on the way.

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The ammunition that fills Steven Rinella’s freezer

Memories and a meal are riding on every hunt. No one knows this better than MeatEater’s Steven Rinella, who travels the nation looking to put wild game on his plate. Federal has partnered with the conservationist, author, hunter, and wild foods enthusiast on an exclusive new line of ammunition, featuring our Trophy Copper rifle ammunition, 3rd Degree turkey loads and all-new Federal Premium Bismuth, shotshells that bring back the performance of lead payloads--without the heavy metal. Each box features one of Rinella’s own wild game recipes.


Bring back the performance of lead—without the heavy metal. With high-quality 9.6 g/cc density bismuth pellets, Federal Premium Bismuth payloads pattern and hit birds like traditional lead, providing more killing power at longer ranges. The material is also softer than tungsten and steel, allowing use in older shotguns as well as modern guns. The loads’ FLITECONTROL FLEX wad tightens patterns and increases lethality over comparable steel loads.

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  1. Lead-free Catalyst primer
  2. Safe and effective for use in all shotguns
  3. Payload of high-quality Bismuth shot meets non-toxic requirements
  4. FLITECONTROL FLEX wad for dense, consistent patterns
  5. Pellets are almost as dense as lead, 9.6 g/cc, for lethality at longer ranges than steel payloads

Goose Leg Confit

This ancient preparation cures goose or duck legs in a dry brine and preserves them in fat. The result is delicious.

Goose Leg Confit Recipe

3rd Degree

Rather than simply pattern tightly like conventional turkey loads, 3rd Degree uses a three-stage payload consisting of No. 5 copper-plated lead, No. 6 FLITESTOPPER lead and No. 7 HEAVYWEIGHT TSS shot to deliver larger, more forgiving patterns at close range, while still providing deadly penetration at long distance.

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  1. 40 percent No. 7 HEAVYWEIGHT Tungsten Super Shot; Groups tightly at the pattern's center for long-range lethality
  2. 40 percent No. 5 Premium lead; Creates a dense, deadly pattern at midrange
  3. 20 percent No. 6 FLITESTOPPER lead; Spreads quickly to create a forgiving close-range pattern
  4. The FLITECONTROL FLEX wad works through both ported and standard turkey chokes

Turkey Schnitzel

These breaded, deep-fried cutlets have turned many a hunter against all other turkey recipes—and they’re fantastic on sandwiches.

Turkey Schnitzel Recipe

Trophy Copper

Extract maximum performance from your favorite cartridge with Federal Premium Trophy Copper. The loads provide pinpoint accuracy and aggressive expansion, yet the copper, polymer-tipped bullet retains up to 99 percent of its weight for deep penetration on a wide range of medium and big game.

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  1. Gold Medal primer
  2. Nickel plated for easy extraction and corrosion protection
  3. Specially formulated propellant with copper-reducing additives
  4. Grooved bullet shank decreases fouling and improves accuracy
  5. Copper-alloy construction for up to 99 percent weight retention
  6. Tipped, skived bullet cavity ensures consistent expansion
  7. High-performance polymer tip and boat-tail design for a flat trajectory and match-grade accuracy

Bone-In BBQ Wild Game Ribs

Make wild game ribs as tender and flavorful as the finest rack of pork. Try this recipe and never again bone out a rib cage.

Bone In BBQ Wild Game Ribs Recipe

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