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First Hunts

Hunter looking at deer horns outside

Process Your Own Deer Part 1—Quartering

It’s a job many of us pass off to a commercial processor on the drive home from deer camp without a thought. But butchering your own deer is nothing you can’t do, and the rewards are worth it. Here’s how to get started.

Initial Cuts
deer meat laid out on a table

Process Your Own Deer Part 2—Butchering

So your deer has been quartered and you’re ready to turn a cooler full of whole parts into trimmed, cut, ready-to-eat meat. We give step-by-step instructions on a fast, simple way to do it.

Make Some Meat
Black Cloud TSS packaging sitting outside near a shotgun

Choosing The Right Load

No two waterfowl hunts are the same, and so they all call for specific loads. Federal ambassador and “The Fowl Life” host Chad Belding explains how he selects Black Cloud payloads based on the hunt conditions to take home more birds.

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Hunters calling in waterfowl

Duck Vocalization

Calling can be one of the most important and most enjoyable aspects of duck hunting. Federal ambassador and "The Fowl Life" host Chad Belding explains the critical sounds you need to master and reveals how to use them on your next hunt.

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Farm land

Finding Public Hunting Spots

Locating a place to hunt feels like a daunting undertaking, but it's more than manageable. Federal ambassador Lee Lakosky shares his tactics for finding public land hotspots.

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Man loading rifle with Trophy Bonded Tip

Start Your Sight-In

Find a range, gear up and get your firearm sighted in the easy way with the step-by-step process outlined by Federal ambassador Julie Golob.

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Young hunter kneeling beside a dead deer with an adult hunter

The Fusion Four

With so many excellent soft-shooting cartridges available—and more entering the marketplace every season—there have never been more ways to introduce new hunters the right way. A young hunter proved it by tallying four big game animals in two seasons with Fusion 243 Win.

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Ammo on a table

Simplify Ammo Selection

Go to a typical ammo aisle and you'll likely see dozens of different calibers to choose from. Federal ambassador Lee Lakosky makes choosing a cartridge and bullet style easy with these guidelines.

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A goose landing in a field filled with decoys

Goose Decoy Setups

To consistently pull geese into range with decoys, its important to position your fakes and hide correctly. Federal ambassador and "The Fowl Life" host Chad Belding runs down how he plans out every detail of his setups.

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