Buckshot with FLITECONTROL Wad 12 Gauge 1325

Part # PFC154 00
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1325
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Product Overview

High-quality copper-plated shot gives Vital•Shok® buckshot loads solid, consistent performance on everything from hogs to whitetails. A variety of available payloads ensure you’ll find the perfect match for your style of hunting, and the FLITECONTROL® wad system delivers the tightest pattern possible.

  • Copper-plated shot
  • Buffering prevents pellet deformation and ensures dense, uniform patterns
  • FLITECONTROL® wad produces tighter patterns


Gauge 12 Gauge
Muzzle Velocity 1325
Type Lead
Shot Size 00 Buck
Shot Charge Oz 0
Payload Pellets 9
Shotshell Length 2-3/4in. / 70mm
Density 11 g/cc
Package Quantity 5
Usage Medium Game


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Best home defense ammo "available".
Great product. Impossible to find at large, small and e-mail outlets. Help, Federal, keep up with the demand. These are much better than slugs and ranges appreciate the tight pattern to avoid range damage.
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Re: if you pattern your gun this is the ammo
I've been hunting for over forty years and after experimenting and patterning my shotguns, this ammo outdoes them all by far. This is the greatest advancement in buckshot since the shotgun was invented!!!
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Control is what you want
The tighter patterns by this shell allows greater confidence against colateral damage if protection is what you desire. A spread pattern is just for someone who can't aim. A personal defense shottie should have a laser anyway. Take these shells and any other to compare at the shooting range, which every gun owner should do, and you WILL be impressed, I was
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This item is well suited for home defense !!
I am a self defense instructor, I find this ammo is well suited . Tight patterns are produced. Reduces stray shot from hitting surrounding innocents in the area. If you are considering getting a Vang Comp barrel you can get the same results by using this round instead !
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Top Notch
I was a bit annoyed with the ignorance of the guy who wrote the previous review and giving it only a 4-star rating because he is not convinced such tight pattern is best for home defense. Truthfully I do not prefer such a tight pattern for home defense either, but my point is, Federal designed these for hunting where you have at least moderate distance to your target and not across the room. So why rate a load as to whether or not it will perform as you expect in a situation it was not designed for? Would they work for home defense? You bet - as long as you hit the target, then they would be devastating. As tight a pattern they shoot, for close range home defense it would be similar to shooting a cross between a shotgun and a rifle. I used to dislike my new Cadillac because it sucked at off-road use. Then when a friend enlightened me to the fact it was never designed for off-road use I learned to use and appreciate it for what it was designed for. Now I love it. As far as this load, it is one of the best you can get for hunting or even self defense - as long as you have 10-15 yards or more distance between you and the target to give the shot enough distance to open up a bit. These have a consistent tight pattern and pack an outrageous blow to the target. The shot cup in itself does what expensive chokes do. Great load.
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