Personal Defense 410 Handgun 410 Bore 4 Buck Shot Size

Personal Defense 410 Handgun 410 Bore 4 Buck Shot Size

Part # PD413JGE 4B
  • Shot Size: 4 Buck
  • Shotshell Length: 3in / 76mm
  • Muzzle Velocity: 950
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Product Overview

The .410 handgun has emerged as a popular option for self-defense, and Federal Premium® offers a variety of loads for these specialized firearms. A customized hull design, optimal brass thickness and fine-tuned payloads make these perfect for .410 handguns.

  • Excellent home and personal defense patterns
  • High-energy delivery
  • Special brass heads ensure smooth extraction


Gauge 410 Bore
Shot Size 4 Buck
Shotshell Length 3in / 76mm
Muzzle Velocity 950
Type Copper Plated Lead
Shot Charge Oz 0
Payload Pellets 9
Density 11 g/cc
Package Quantity 20
Usage Self-Defense


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Notes on #4 Buck
This is a very good load for home protection and small predator removal. The #4 buck load is best used through a full choke shotgun barrel,but due to the flight control wad it does give a very useable pattern from a cylinder choke shotgun barrel. For inside the home use the load gives the user good coverage and pellet count while not over penetrating a targeted threat.
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