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Listen. Laugh. Learn. Every “It’s Federal Season” podcast pulls from Federal’s nearly 100 years of ammunition manufacturing. Get the latest news, tips from our team of ambassadors, technical info from our in-house ammo experts, and much more.

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Two hunters kneeling by a downed elk

It's Federal Season Stories

Every hunter owes their passion for the outdoors to someone who sparked their interest and helped it grow. We tracked down a few of these special individuals. These are their stories.

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Two hunters kneeling by a downed elk

Wild Eats

Savor your hard-earned harvest and enjoy every bite with this collection of easy, exclusive wild game recipes from Federal.

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Hunter looking through binoculars on the prairie

Wide Open Muleys

When most hunters think of giant muleys, they envision themselves in an unsullied alpine basin surrounded by buck brush and towering peaks. That’s a good place to be. However, a rifle rut hunt on the open plains is hard to beat.

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Two hunters hiding in the grass aiming their shotguns

Shot Size Matters

Putting more duck breasts on the barbecue is a matter of understanding shot size, effective range and matching your shotshell to your hunting method.

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Two hunters hiding in the grass aiming their shotguns

Pronghorn Primer

Stop just thinking about it. Here’s how to go west and match wits with North America’s fastest land animal.

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Two hunters kneeling by a downed elk

Elk Training 101

If you’re planning a date with a mountain monarch, there is no time like the present to start prepping the body and mind for the grind. This advice and exercise regimen will get you there.

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Geese flying in the sky

Giant Killers

When it comes to hunting honkers, few things trump targeting Giants, the largest member of the Canada goose species. Heed these tips and tactics and dump more monsters this season.

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