Personal Defense Punch 10mm Auto 200 Grain

Personal Defense Punch 10mm Auto 200 Grain

Part # PD10P1
  • Grain Weight: 200
  • Muzzle Velocity: 1100
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Product Overview

Get protection that delivers a knockout blow. Punch® draws from Federal® Ammunition's decades of experience designing the world's finest defensive handgun loads. The bullet for each offering is carefully selected and built to optimize terminal performance of the caliber for the most common situations. Its quality brass and sealed primer deliver reliable feeding and ignition.

  • Out-performs competitor rounds
  • Quality brass case with primer seal
  • Balanced performance across different platforms and through the most common barriers
  • Jacketed hollow-point bullet design provides a balanced mix of effective penetration and expansion


Caliber 10mm Auto
Grain Weight 200
Muzzle Velocity 1100
Bullet Style Jacketed Hollow Point
Test Barrel Length In 5
Package Quantity 20
Usage Self-Defense


Velocity in feet per second
Muzzle 25 Y 50 Y 75 Y 100 Y
1100 1075 1052 1031 1012
Energy in Foot Pounds
Muzzle 25 Y 50 Y 75 Y 100 Y
537 513 491 472 454
Average Range
25 Y 50 Y 75 Y 100 Y
-1.0 -3.9 -8.9
Height of bullet trajectory in inches above or below line of sight if zeroed at 25 yards. Sights 0.9 inches above bore line.


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Mark W.
Mark W.
HST=FBI, Punch=Home Defense (softer recoil)
Generally speaking, as you upgrade from 9mm to 40 to 10mm, you gain 100ft-lbs of energy assuming similar classes of ammo (light, standard, hot or target, self defense, police/military/hunting). This ammunition is equivalent to hot 40 and light 10mm. In terms of effectiveness, the current FBI protocols set the gold standard for the uniquely optimal intersection of barrier penetration, energy dump into tissue, and penetration levels that work through shoulders into torso while not overpenetrating and endangering innocents. This ammo is not FBI protocol rated by Federal, unlike their HST. However on YouTube gelatin tests it performs well in other calibers. 9mm is optimal in terms of the carry weight of ammo, speed of return to target, and manageability by all family members. Round selection is critical since only the top defensive rounds satisfy FBI protocols. 40 caliber (also called 10mm short) is the first brute force round. Before 9mm became stouter and before good hollow points, 40 solved the problem with heavier bullets and a bigger cartridge to hold extra powder. Unlike 10mm, more FBI agents could qualify on 40. 10mm is the superior solution because at the top energy levels few other rounds can compete but it can be downloaded to 40 levels. In a pinch Glock chambered for 10mm can shoot 40 without modifications, and regularly with a 40 conversion barrel. Where does 10mm Punch fit in? Hotter than most 40 defense rounds, lighter recoil than HST 10mm. Its always best to shoot the hottest caliber you can control well (does not jam due to weak recoil rise control). This ammo is highly water and moisture resistant (sealed primer) and excellent for 10mm self defense. Federal quality control is outstanding. Recommended.
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