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The ammo engineers in Federal’s Custom Shop worked closely with the rifle experts at Pure Precision to develop a new lineup of loads built to get peak performance from Pure Precision rifles. Hunters can select their choice of several Custom Shop offerings loaded with Terminal Ascent bullets.

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Pure Precision Carbon Ascent

Pure Precision rifle with letters calling out features

  1. A. Carbon fiber barrel

  2. B. Altitude Series carbon fiber stock

  3. C. Trigger Tech Primary trigger with Frictionless Release Technology™

  4. D. Skeletonized bolt handle with 75-degree throw

  5. E. Tool-less bolt disassembly

  6. F. Fluted bolt

  7. G. Integrated recoil lug

  8. H. Summit action

Terminal Ascent

The ultimate hunting rifle deserves the pinnacle of bullet technology. Federal Premium Terminal Ascent’s groundbreaking profile, AccuChannel grooving and Slipstream polymer tip provide the perfect canvas for our team of expert handloaders to craft ammunition optimized for the Pure Precision.

Terminal Ascent bullet