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Sport Your Shockwave

For decades Federal has been known to offer hunters and shooters the best ammunition available. From the field to the office, show off your support of Federal Premium.

  • Black Cloud® Men's Long-Sleeve T-shirt — Realtree®

    This comfortable long-sleeve T-shirt lets the world know the kind of waterfowl hunter you are—a successful one. After all you shoot Black Cloud®. Wear it with pride and Drop Ducks Like Rain®.

    Size: S-XXL



  • Black Cloud® Men's Hoodie

    Stay warm and let your hunting buddies know your secret to more ducks and geese—Black Cloud®. This comfortable hooded sweatshirt is as suited to a morning in a layout blind as a night on the town.

    Size: M-XXL



  • Federal Premium® Camo Hoodie

    You shoot the world's best ammunition, and you're proud of it. The Federal Premium® Camo Hoodie will keep you warm, comfortable and looking good wherever you wear it.

    Size: S-XXL



  • Federal Premium® Hooded Sweatshirt

    You spend a lot of time outdoors. With the new Federal Premium hooded sweatshirt, you can stay warm and comfortable no matter where your day takes you. Features the Federal Premium logo (front) and the shockwave (on hood).

    Size: S-XXL



  • Federal Premium® Skull Cap

    This fleece camo skull cap will keep you warm and hidden in the field.

    Size: One Size Fits All



  • Federal Premium® Women's T-Shirt

    Show your Premium® Pride with Federal's newest T-shirt designed for women hunters. Made from 100% cotton. Fitted. Charcoal gray.

    Size: S-XXL



  • Outdoor Thermometer

    Ideal for garages, deer camp or any outdoor place you'd like to instantly know the temperature. This outdoor thermometer is weather-sealed to endure exposure in all elements. Features Federal Premium® Ammunition logo on a shotshell hull design.



  • Black Cloud® Beanie

    You can't go wrong with this classic beanie from Black Cloud®. It'll be your go-to hat for hunts, hikes and everyday wear. Clean lines and comfortable fabric.

    Size: One size fits most.



  • Fusion® Cap

    Show your support of your favorite ammunition with the new Fusion hat. This hot mesh hat with the Fusion logo breathes well in warmer weather.

    Size: One Size Fits All



  • Fusion® Men's Hoodie

    Fusion is built for whitetail hunting—and so are you. This comfortable hooded sweatshirt lets everyone know it, while keeping you warm around deer camp or anywhere.

    Size: L-XL



  • Shooter's Blinders

    Peripheral distraction is a thing of the past with Federal shooter’s blinders. Available in bags of 50.



  • Federal Premium® Straight Score Patch

    Everyone loves a little recognition. Three-color embroidered patch available in 25, 50, 75, and 100 straight.



  • Trap & Skeet Score Pads

    Available in trap, trap doubles, and skeet. Our score pads demonstrate that your club is a notch above the rest — maybe two notches. All pads are 20 count with 20 pads to a package.



  • Federal Premium® Embroidered Patch

    Two-color embroidered Federal Ammunition patch shows you are committed to shooting only quality ammunition.



  • Barrel Decals

    Great giveaway gifts available in small and large sizes.
    Bags of 12.

    $2.50 or $ 3.00 each


  • Traditional Black & White Shooting Hat



  • Mesh Back Black & White Shooting Hat



  • Black & White Stripe Shooting Hat