Rifle Ammunition

Vital-Shok® Trophy® Copper Sabot Slug

Vital-Shok® Trophy® Copper Sabot Slug

20 Gauge


Trophy® Copper Slug Slug hunters have a new option when hitting the deer woods. Trophy® Copper Sabot Slug is an all-copper slug that incorporates the most advanced technology in the industry. It successfully achieves better accuracy, less drop, manageable recoil and consistent penetration and expansion.

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LOAD NO. Use Gauge Shell Length IN / MM Slug Weight Ounces / Grains Slug Type Ballistic Coefficient Brand

P209 TC

Medium Game 20 3 / 76 5/8 / 275 Trophy® Copper Slug 0.171 Vital-Shok® Trophy® Copper Sabot Slug

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Wind Drift in Inches (at 10 MPH)

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