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12 Gauge


If you're looking to minimize recoil and maximize performance, or you're taking a young hunter into the turkey woods, then Federal Premium® gives you a reason to smile. The newest additions to the Mag-Shok™ HEAVYWEIGHT® lineup are two loads designed for taking down gobblers hard, yet engineered to be gentle on the shooter. With 47% less recoil than 3-inch loads—yet delivering the energy level of #5 lead loads—these new 12-gauge 2-3/4-inch shotshells feature 1-1/4-ounce HEAVYWEIGHT shot and the famous rear-braking FLITECONTROL® wad. Tight patterns, tungsten-based shot and muzzle velocities of 1300 feet per second (fps) all add up to a great day in the turkey woods. Available in both #6 and #7 shot.

Read the Field & Stream article. Watch Mag-Shok Low Recoil in action.

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LOAD NO. Use Gauge Shell Length IN / MM Shot Weight Ounces Shot Sizes Muzzle Velocity Dram Brand


Turkey 12 2 3/4 / 70 1 1/4 6 ,7 1300 3.55 Mag-Shok® HEAVYWEIGHT® (LR)