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Vital-Shok® TruBall® Deep Penetrator Rifled Slug

Vital-Shok® TruBall® Deep Penetrator Rifled Slug

12 Gauge


TRUBALL® Rifled Slug When you're hunting animals with tough hide and bone like bear or hogs you need a robust, reliable slug to get the job done. When Federal Premium® set out to make the smoothbore slug more effective for the standard slug slinger, the Vital-Shok™ Slug TruBall® system was created. We’ve reinvented, redefined slug technology and that means you can upgrade without changing barrels. For 2010, we add a new 12-gauge TruBall Deep Penetrator slug. This is much harder (higher antimony) lead than the traditional TruBall and features a more distinct shoulder for extra toughness. They are designed for an impressive 18-20 inches of penetration.

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LOAD NO. Use Gauge Shell Length IN / MM Slug Weight Ounces / Grains Slug Type Ballistic Coefficient Brand


Medium Game 12 2 3/4 / 70 1 / 438 TRUBALL® Rifled Slug 0.079 Vital-Shok® TruBall® Deep Penetrator Rifled Slug

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