Rifle Ammunition

Mag-Shok® Lead High Velocity

Mag-Shok® Lead High Velocity

10 Gauge


The revolutionary FLITECONTROL wad uses a rear-braking shot cup to stay with pellets longer and choke them into a lethally tight pattern. It eliminates the need for expensive aftermarket chokes and provides more pellets on target. This High Velocity copper-plated, buffered lead option will get to the bird faster. Look for the NWTF logo on the box to be sure you're giving money back to this important habitat organization. Use Black Cloud approved aftermarket chokes for even greater pattern performance.

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LOAD NO. Use Gauge Shell Length IN / MM Shot Weight Ounces Shot Sizes Muzzle Velocity Dram Brand


Turkey 10 3 1/2 / 89 2 4 ,5 ,6 1300 4.75 Mag-Shok® Lead High Velocity