Rifle Ammunition

Gold Medal® Plastic

Gold Medal® Plastic

12 Gauge


There’s a reason your shooting buddies keep asking for your once fired Gold Medal hulls. Serious target shooters everywhere know how important it is to shoot the best available ammunition. That’s why shooters choose Federal Gold Medal when the top prize is on the line. Consistent and uniform patterns, along with extra-hard shot and the hot 209A primer, have made this product a must-have on the target shooting circuit. Available in high velocity handicap, extralite, low recoil and our famous paper hull cartridge, you’re sure to find your winning combination.

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LOAD NO. Use Gauge Shell Length IN / MM Shot Weight Ounces Shot Sizes Muzzle Velocity Dram Brand


Target Shooting, Training, Practice 12 2 3/4 / 70 1 1/8 7.5 ,8 1200 2.97 Gold Medal® Plastic