Sean Burrows is an active 3-gun competitive shooter as well as a Utah concealed firearms permit instructor and NRA-certified firearms instructor. Born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska, guns and the outdoors have always been a way of life for him. He spent his summers shooting .22 rifles and bows in his backyard, and the cold winters shooting air guns in his parents’ basement. He participated in his first shooting competition in 2005 at a fundraiser match for a local politician’s campaign, where he took third place and won a pump shotgun. That was his first taste of what lead to a full-blown addiction to the practical shooting sports.

In more recent years, Sean has turned to 3-gun, and he competes regularly across the western United States in club, regional and national matches with his wife and shooting teammate, Alysia. His passion for shooting and firearms extends to the rest of his family. He makes ample time to spend with his four children, passing along the skills and life lessons learned from the pastime that has come to mean so much to him.

Sean Burrows