While growing up on a ranch in New Mexico, shooting was always a part of Kurt Miller’s early life. After his family sold the ranch and ultimately moved to Idaho, he joined his high school’s small-bore rifle team. It was his introduction to competition, but he wasn’t crazy about the “non-action” shooting of bullseye matches. By then, he and his brother were reading books like Rex Applegate’s “Kill Or Get Killed” and “Cooper On Handguns,” inspiring them to scrounge up big chunks of cardboard and set up scenarios they would shoot out in the woods. Finally, the brothers attended Gun Site Academy with Col. Jeff Cooper met Mike Horn, who put on the Soldier of Fortune 3-gun match. He convinced them to give it a try, and in 1995 they finally made it to the show. From there on, Kurt went to every 3-gun match he could. Along the way he picked up two USPSA 3-gun Championships, a World Shotgun Championship and more than 53 major 3-gun match wins. He was named High Super Senior at the recent World Rifle Championship in Sweden, and he’s still not tired of action shooting.

Kurt Miller