Although he started off as a competitive tournament golfer during the short Minnesota summers, Jake Latola changed gears and made a commitment to action shooting in 2013, after a back injury forced him to set his clubs aside. After cutting his teeth at local 3-gun, tactical shotgun and USPSA pistol matches, Jake began looking to test his skills on a larger scale. He has compiled an impressive list of Top 3 finishes in prominent 3-gun matches across the country in the highly competitive Tactical Optics Division. In addition to competing at a high level, Jake shares his experience as an instructor at various development classes catering to both new and experienced shooters.

“Shooting, hunting, and the outdoors have always been a part of my life. As a kid my uncle used to pay me in 22 LR ammunition to mow his lawn!” he says. “Competitive shooting was a natural fit for me as both a competitive outlet and a test of physical and mental skills.”

Outside of shooting, Jake is employed as an engineer for a large, Minnesota-based conglomerate, often traveling around the country supporting manufacturing operations and equipment.

Jake Latola