Texan Cory Klemashevich has been burning through bullets since he could pull the trigger on a pellet gun. While in college, Cory joined a friend getting into shooting competitions, borrowing a pistol and some extra magazines to make it happen. But he was hooked. Today, between shooting USPSA, Precision Rifle and Steel Challenge, he’s nearly always at the range shooting, running matches with friends or practicing for the next big match. “I’m addicted, and I’ll be shooting as many matches as I can,” he says.

He says his position as a match director and club president has given him a behind-the-scenes look at matches that shows there’s nothing quite like the competitive shooting community. “Folks will quite literally give you their rifle or pistol, their shooting glasses or even carry a backup rig for you all day long in case you need it,” Cory says. “The experienced pros will answer any questions and show you any tricks or tips they have to help you get better. So, step beyond just going to the range and come out to shoot a match. Your shooting will grow by leaps and bounds and you will find friends that will do anything they can to help in your journey.”

Cory Klemashevich