Minnesota’s Casey Reed grew up shooting rifles and shotguns while hunting with his dad, but handguns weren’t part of the picture until 2011, when he was 19 years old and landed a mechanical engineering internship with Federal Ammunition. Because his job involved a lot of handgun ammunition testing, he quickly learned how to shoot one, and soon one of the engineers brought him to his first USPSA match as a spectator. Casey actually shot his first match just a few weeks later and was hooked. He began training every day, watching all the best shooters on YouTube, and shooting every local match he could. Almost 10 years later, he’s still obsessed and training regularly with the goal to become the best shooter in the world. “My advice for anybody who is interested is to go to a match in your area, ask questions, shoot and have fun,” he says. “The shooting community is full of helpful, friendly people. Hope to see you at a match!”

Casey Reed