Elevate Essential Electrolyte

Elevate Essential Electrolyte

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Stay ahead of thirst and heighten your performance. PRIMED ELEVATE transforms water into a refreshing, performance-infused drink that provides essential electrolytes and minerals your body needs when pursuing game, hiking or shooting competitively. The flavor burst encourages you to drink more, keeping your body's electrolyte composition balanced for optimum performance and all-day endurance. Everything You Need Elevate transforms water into a refreshing appetizing drink that provides the essential electrolytes your body thirsts for during exercise. The strong flavors will encourage you to drink more to stay ahead of your thirst. Over 70% of our muscles, lungs, and heart are made up of water. That's why performance suffers as we lose fluids and electrolytes. Elevate is designed to balance your electrolytes for optimal performance so you can maintain your peak performance. The great taste will ensure you don't forget to drink. Depletion of electrolytes during strenuous activity leads to higher body temperature, headaches, dizziness, swelling, lack of performance, and lethargy. Elevate delivers the exact combination of essential electrolytes you need in a scientifically researched and supported combination serving of 20mg Magnesium to 500mg Sodium and 350mg Potassium in a great tasting powder mix to help you sustain performance without dropping off so you can win the day. As a very low calorie, low carb fat and protein free product it serves its purpose and will not interfere with the athlete's other nutrition needs and choices for their activity. BENEFITS OF ELEVATE Scientifically supported doses of key electrolytes Sodium (500mg) and Potassium (350mg) with 20mg Magnesium to support muscular function for activity. This combination is shown to help restore muscle function by re-establishing balance to your body's water and electrolyte levels as you train, hike or enjoy any physical activity. Easy to use. Simply empty tear stick contents into 16 oz of water and shake to mix Easy to clean, sugar-free formula leaves no sugary residue that may promote bacterial growth. Reservoir or bottle rinses out using standard cleaning practices. No added sugar formula ensures appropriate hydration for optimal performance maintenance– no sugar rush followed by a sugar crash. Great-tasting formulas promote hydration and masks treated water– makes potable water more palatable. Manufactured in the USA Optimal Consumption When undertaking exercise, you should take 1-2 ELEVATE sachets mixed in 16-32 Oz of water each hour to replace electrolytes lost through sweat and effort to maintain optimal performance and health.

  • Quickly replenish essential electrolytes and minerals
  • Simply add to water and shake for instant, balanced hydration
  • Blend of sodium (500mg), potassium (350mg) and magnesium (20mg)
  • Great taste encourages hydration throughout the day
  • Take it anywhere with an easy-to-use and mix tear stick
  • No added sugar formula eliminates unwanted rush and crash
  • No sticky residue promotes easy clean-up
  • Four great-tasting flavors and five serving options


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