Dennis Loosier

Born and reared on a farm in Brownsboro, Texas, Dennis Loosier spent his days roaming the backwoods with his grandfather while his father worked every hour he could at a local tire factory. What he didn’t know at the time was those early days would eventually spark something much larger—a brand, a lifestyle and following devoted to all things duck.

After high school, Loosier found a job that afforded him the luxury to spend lots of time scouting and hunting, and he became proficient at the art of duck killing, especially on hard-hunted public land. His longtime friend, Billy Campbell, started calling him Dr. Duck. The duo started hunting together regularly and extended their waterfowl adventures into other states. They began posting their adventures and successes on social media, and that’s when things took off.

Today, the duo has a major following and plans to stick to their public-land hunting roots. Their goal is to get younger guys and gals into the waterfowl world and provide them with solid education they can use to be successful. “We want to educate and really help people,” Loosier says. “If you look at golf, basketball or baseball, we teach people how to play. Why should waterfowl hunting be any different? We want to get people outdoors.”

Dennis Loosier wading in water with decoys