Guard Dog®

Inside this house, this Dog's got the bark and bite you need to protect your home and family. Guard Dog™ Home Defense from Federal Premium® Ammunition–the new standard for in-home protection technology.

Home Defense Begins On The Inside

We take you and your family's safety seriously, that's why our engineers have spent countless hours developing the right load for the millisecond you may need it. We recently used our patented expanding-FMJ bullet technology to create a home defense round that minimizes over-penetration through interior walls: award-winning Guard Dog®. This translates to a reduced risk of serious injury to bystanders in other rooms or houses.

Why Guard Dog?

• Ideal option for in-home defense.

• Minimizes over-penetration through interior walls .

• Expands every time and never fills with barrier material, like conventional hollow points.

• Reliable ammunition with consistent performance.

Guard Dog

Guard Dog®

These non-hollow-point expanding FMJ bullets are filled with an expanding blue polymer that minimizes the probability of injury to loved ones nearby. This one-of-a-kind bullet design is fully enclosed which means it never fills with barrier material and it collapses on impact every time.

Tested To Protect Bystanders

Here at Federal Premium®, we test each of our bullet styles to make sure they stand up to the strictest specifications. Here are two of the tests used to ensure performance of our Guard Dog ammunition.

Test Set-up 1: Expanded Bullets Retrieved From Wallboard

PD40GRD and conventional hollow-point shot at 15 feet.

Number of walls





PD40GRD 40 S&W 135-grain Guard Dog





Gelatin Penetration

9.5 inches

6 inches

No Gel Penetration

No Gel Penetration

Conventional 40 S&W 165-grain Hollow-Point





Gelatin Penetration

More than 12 inches

More than 12 inches

More than 12 inches

More than 12 inches

• Results: In this test, Guard Dog® shows superior expansion performance through wall barriers. Expands on contact for maximum energy transfer. Most conventional hollow points do not reliably expand through wallboard allowing the bullet to pass through more walls.

Guard Dog upsetsGuard Dog upsets

Test Set-up 2: Gelatin/Wallboard

Four comparison tests were conducted. In each successive test, an additional wall barrier was added. Each wall barrier consists of two sheets of ½-inch wallboard placed 3-½-inches apart. 10% ballistic gelatin was placed 18-inches behind the fourth wall.

• Results: Guard Dog® did not penetrate the gelatin when shot through three or four walls. Conventional JHPs penetrate more than 12-inches after four walls.

NOTE: Results of internal testing. Individual results may not be identical.

Guard Dog gelatin test