Black Cloud®

Never before has a steel product been so lethal. Its famous FLITESTOPPER® pellets and the revolutionary FLITECONTROL® wad team up for more hits on target.

The Storm Continues

If you're a die-hard duck hunter, you know about Black Cloud® and the devastating performance it's had on ducks and geese. Black Cloud provides more devastating wound channels and fewer lost birds. With four different offerings, this versatile family of products delivers different benefits for different types of hunters.

Black Cloud FS Steel

Black Cloud® FS Steel®

Targeted for the everyday, die-hard duck or goose hunter. Available in BBB, BB, #2, #3, or #4s. There's a shot size for all waterfowl hunters.

Black Cloud FS Steel Close Range

Black Cloud® FS Steel® Close Range

For the close range demands of decoying waterfowl or flooded timber hunters. Available in #2, #3, or #4.

Black Cloud FS Steel High Velocity

Black Cloud® FS Steel® High Velocity

Made for duck hunters who prefer faster speeds and shorter lead times in #3 or #4. NOTE—For hunters aiming at larger ducks, such as divers, mallards and canvasbacks, we recommend our versatile #3. Hunters looking for High velocity options in BB or #2 should look for Black Cloud Snow Goose.

Black Cloud FS Steel Snow Goose

Black Cloud® FS Steel® Snow Goose

Also created for higher speeds, and sized to take down all types of geese in spring or fall. Available in BB or #2.

The Technology Behind Black Cloud®

When we introduced Black Cloud, we changed waterfowl hunting forever. Never before has a steel product been so lethal.

FS Steel creates a massive wound cavity visible in ballistic gelatin, along with amazing shot construction featuring a cutting edge that devastates on impact.


Standard Steel Shot
Standard Steel Shot

25-Yard Comparison—Close Range Versus Standard Black Cloud

Close Range PWBD142
Close Range PWBD142 3

Standard Black Cloud PWB142
Standard Black Cloud PWB142 3