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Issue: 48 October 2012
Put More Birds on the Water. Wreak havoc on ducks and geese with these new waterfowl hunting products fom Federal Premium and partner brands.
New Black Cloud® Designed for Close Range Duck Commander Sunglasses Shotgunners Pull-Thru Cleaning Kit

The newest feather shredding, wing breaking offerings from Black Cloud are designed for the close range demands of decoying waterfowl or flooded timber hunters. Black Cloud® Close Range achieves a full pattern within a very short distance. Federal's engineers developed this load to put more pellets on targets 20 to 30 yards away. Loaded with 100 percent FLITESTOPPER® steel. Click play to learn more.


Whether hunting in open water or flooded swamps, you often need to shield your eyes from the blazing sun. Get protection and style with the new Duck Commander shooting sunglasses. With anti-fog lens treatment, UV protection and a variety of frames and lens options to choose from, these ballistic-grade shooting glasses provide four times impact protection of standard shooting glasses.


For quick cleans in the blind, check out this compact kit from Gunslick® Pro. It's easy to transport and store, and works for all gauge shotguns. It includes pull-through cables, brushes, jags, polishing cloth, finger-grip handle, cleaning chemical, soft-pack case with removable pockets and more! All kit components, with the exception of the nylon brush and soft-pack case, are made in the U.S.A.

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